CREST faces many challenges today. Increased needs for services and regulatory uncertainty in a limited resource environment combine to make serving our most vulnerable citizens an ardent struggle to overcome.  However, we at CREST and as a society must not accept failure to serve and succeed as an option.

With your help, we can brighten the lives of our clients tremendously.  Field trips, facility improvements, increased staffing, and increased training are all critical to the success of our clients.  Please help us by clicking on the site above and making a donation. We are a 501 C3 non-profit  organization.




Started over thirty years, CREST was founded by a group of Cumberland County parents who wanted to bring their developmentally disabled children home and away from institutions.  The parents realized that having community and family involvement was critical to a fulfilling life and career as the children progressed into adulthood.

Now our adults live and do not just exist.  They

     have jobs,

         learn life skills,

              develop independent living skills,

                  and have fulfilling lives.

These accomplishments are rendered because the adults are given an opportunity to succeed. 


Right to make Choices,


Respect for all People,

Unlimited potential,

People's Needs and Desires,

Integrity and Trust,

Innovation and Vision



To learn from people with disabilities and their families, their needs and wants and to create such supports and services to meet those needs, through person-centered planning and networking of available resources..

Our Mission and Values


Cumberland Residential and Employment Services and Training