​Cumberland Residential and Employment Services and Training 



CREST believes that each individual has the right to establish and maintain, alone or with the help of friends,

family and natural supports, a lifestyle of their choice in the community.

We support people’s rights to self-determination by honoring their individual choices.

CREST believes that each person we serve is a whole person, with unique gifts,

capacities, preferences and dreams.

  Getting to know the person as an individual is essential.

It will take time and require careful listening, but it is worth it.

CREST believes that each person, as a citizen, is a valuable part of the community.

Their contribution is expressed through their presence and participation in community life.

We believe in the gifts and capacity of each individual and encourage their

full development and free expression.

CREST believes that relationships are what connect all people to their communities.

We believe that each community has the capacity to accept

and include all of its members,

regardless of their differences, and that the quality of the

community is enriched by the diversity of its members.

 Participation in the community allows each member to realize their

interdependence with one another.

Finally, CREST believes that the responsibility of the service system

is to support the people that it serves.

Our fundamental role is to support the individual

in their goals as independently as possible. We recognize

that the support provided must be responsive to the individual. Therefore,

creativity and flexibility are essential and must be encouraged and rewarded.