Cumberland Residential and Employment Services and Training  

Dwayne Patterson, Executive Director

Season's Message to Staff


As we approach another holiday season, I know we all are challenged by the constant obstacles and changes we face in trying to serve the consumers.  I wish I could say next year will be easier but honestly it won’t be….. We continue to face budget shortfalls, increased regulations and new processes to improved accountability. However, if we believe our motto and other inspirational beliefs now is the time to rely on those beliefs.


“Rising to the challenge”


“Without struggle - there can be no progress”


‘Be Strong; we are not hear to dream or drift. Shun not this struggle for it is
  God’s gift”


If we continue to push through in our personal and professional lives, these are words will transform from our inspiration to a description of who we are.  Let’s work hard together, be nice people, and continue to fight for the consumers.  I love you all.


MR. P 

Executive director's


Welcome to the CREST web site. we hope that this page will inform and inspire families and the community at large as we strive to be a positive force in Cumberland County and North Carolina.


As we close the year there are many issues to highlight but here a just a couple.

Again we are facing another major financial impact. Bridge funding was not reauthorized by the the General Assembly.  This means a $75,000 loss for CREST. Consequently, several things have been eliminated from our budget:

     * A trip to Red Wolf Lodge for the consumers

     * A new van for the Day Programs for day trips to                   museums etc.

     * Pay raises for staff were effectively eliminated

     * A new instructional program 

We are continuing to pursue grants and new funding streams and are meeting with some success in those areas.  Also, Alliance does have some discretional money but it will be difficult to get those funds because everyone points to those funds.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news during the season but we must face the struggles that are presented to us.  

Additionally, Staff has been doing a great job over the last few months.  Faced with an examination of our records by CARF National Accreditation, Alliance MCO, Sandhills MCO, NC Health Service Regulation, CPAs and other reviewers, Staff made it through with no major findings.  Over the last couple of months, we have had more examiners than employees which is a little odd.  I just wish CREST as a company could do more for the Staff.


Dwayne Patterson